John Chase Theatre Scholarship

Purpose of Award: To acknowledge a Massasoit student enrolled either in the Liberal Arts Studies – Theater Option, or to a student who has contributed to the Massasoit Student Theater Club (Dramatikos).

Eligibility Criteria
1. Massasoit student may be returning to Massasoit or transferring to another institution to pursue theater.
2. Massasoit student must have demonstrated their commitment to the work of Dramatikos productions either in administration or working behind the scenes.
3. Massasoit student must submit an essay describing your experience at Massasoit in your area of interest and why you feel you are qualified to receive the scholarship.
4. Submit one letter of recommendation from one of your Massasoit professors in the appropriate area of theater.

Robert Bowers
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you participated in Performix Club.
  2. What college will you be attending in the Fall?
  3. What is your experience at Massasoit and why do you feel qualified to receive this scholarship?
  4. Will you be pursuing a theater major from a 4 year institution in the Fall?
  5. Please submit one letter of recommendation from one of your theater professors.